Become A Laker

The Laker Program

If you'd rather be by the lake than anywhere else, read on! Lake Life Co. Lakers are individuals that are passionate about lake life and all the awesome things that go with it. We are seeking fellow Lakers to represent our growing company and spread the word about Lake Life! 


-Represent Lake Life Co. and The Lake Box to spread your love of lake living!

-We’ve chosen to not have any stringent requirements for numbers of instagram followers, Facebook friends, or amount of social media posts/month!

-As long as you have a love of the lake, that's all the prerequisite you need.



-Lifetime 20% discount on ALL Lake Boxes and Lake Life Co. goods (you can also use your Laker discount for gift giving!)

-Earn 10% commission on any orders you generate, paid via store credit

-Dashboard to view your own statistics and track your sales

-$10 signup bonus deposited directly into your Laker account

-Free gift on enrolment to get you started

-Personalized code to offer 10% discount to family/friends/following


Submit your name below to apply to our program. Let me know your favourite part of lake living! There's no obligation and you can opt out at any time. If you don't hear back from me within an hour, check your junk mail.


If you are having troubles submitting and don't receive an email within an hour, please email me at



86 Elm Street PO Box 51003 Sudbury ON P3C1T0