Lake life Co. & People Behind It

 Growing up, it was always the weekends by the water that seemed to give the greatest memories. We've always said that a rainy day at the lake is better than a sunny day in the city. We've always loved the peaceful feeling from time spent by the lake, no matter what time of year.

Lake Life Co. was founded by a husband and wife who have always made time to make it to the lake. It started when we would always forget an item or two during our getaways. We then decided to create our own cottage kits equipped with the bare essentials so that we would always be ready for our time away from home. Our little cottage kits has since evolved in to The Lake Box that have brought so many similar-minded people together.

Lake Life Co. has now branched into lake life apparel to bring you that lake feeling no matter where you are. Every single apparel item that we offer was tested by the two of us and approved to keep you cozy whether dockside or adventuring elsewhere. All of our apparel items are embellished and finished in-house in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada in order to support North American production. 



86 Elm Street PO Box 51003 Sudbury ON P3C1T0