Real Estate Closing Gifts

The Lake Box is quickly becoming one of the most popular and powerful marketing tools for realtors and real estate brokerages across North America. We at Lake Life Co. have created The Lake Box not only for personal use but to allow realtors the ability to give a gift that will be remembered for years. Our Subscription boxes give your clients a tremendous amount of value with an added personal note that will surely show them how grateful you are for their business. 

One of the prominent selling features for The Lake Box is that its contents can be used continuously throughout the year. With each seasonal box showing up in time for the coming season, your clients will be reminded of your generosity regularly throughout the year. The Lake Box has a subtlety to its marketing, preventing your clients from feeling targeted but instead feeling like the well-deserved recipient of your attentiveness. 

We pride ourselves on giving your clients the cozy, warm and relaxing feeling of living by the water all year round. Below we have three current options for a one-time purchase of our Lake Box; if you prefer to jump to our premium level, please contact us at and we will personally reach out to you to discuss pricing on orders over 25 units.

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